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From the moment they start learning, all children have the potential to be successful, but it requires a special investment to help that potential flourish…an investment that our state funding simply does not cover.

$6 million in MBEF Grants cover:

At Meadows:

  • Small class sizes*
  • Science Specialists
  • Reading Specialists
  • Librarians
  • Physical Education

District Wide:

  • Music
  • 21st century curriculum and technology support
  • Writing initiative
  • Technology Teacher Specialist
  • MindUP Implementation

*1 in 5 elementary teachers are supported by MBEF to keep class sizes small, thereby enhancing our teachers’ abilities to meet the needs of each student

Funding from Meadows PTA provides:

  • Library Books and Science Lab equipment
  • Site Technology (computers, SMART boards, printers, copiers, and IPADS)
  • Art supplies, PE equipment, curriculum support materials, and office supplies.
  • Educational enrichment programs like YAA, Growing Great, and Artist in Residence

In Manhattan Beach, only 20% of our local property taxes come back to our schools. So, while other top-ranked districts pass parcel taxes to make up for the shortfall, we rely on donations to MBEF to maintain high quality schools. MBUSD is ranked #3 out of all unified school districts in the state. Please help us maintain excellence in our education program with your tax deductible donation.

How Can I donate?

To donate to MBEF, visit MBEF online at .  Pledge now, pay later or set up installments. You may also send or turn in your donation in a donation envelope to the Meadows office or mail to MBEF at PO Box 1110 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.  You may contact Kristal Lane at  or Kimberly Rosenfeld at your MBEF liasions, for more information.

To donate to Meadows PTA, go to PTA Membership by clicking here.  You may either donate online or download the form and turn it into the Meadows office.  You may contact the PTA Membership Chairs, Katie Driscoll and Becky McCalla, at for more information.

If you are new to the Meadows community, we welcome you into an environment where parents and educators believe in MBEF’s motto “Better Schools Brighter Future.” Public education succeeds in Manhattan Beach because our community places a strong value on high quality schools and works together to make them a reality.

While we can thank MBEF for our Librarians and Science specialists, we need PTA to buy lab supplies, books, and software. Each organization would not succeed without the other. It is thanks to the work of MBEF and PTA that our schools are able to offer the high quality education that our children deserve.