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THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING! Please check the activities or events you are interested in. Your information will be passed along to the appropriate Committee Chair(s). Questions - Email JJ Corr or Carrie Frankel, Volunteer Coordinators.

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Completed forms are due by Friday, September 16th

Class Volunteers
If you have multiple children, please indicate the classroom(s) for which you are volunteering.
(must attend training)
Year-round Committees
(Stacy Mayeda-Lin & Joni Toyooka)
(Becki Winckler/Sofia Rodriguez-Luis, Chair)
Deb Doyle/Theresa Panaro, Chair
(Brigitte Baker/Billy Baker/David Swartzlander/Jeff Yakubik, Chairs)
Anne Stuart, Chair
(Carol Gerken/Kari Stewartson, Co-Chairs)
(Mrs. Michael/Jeanne Mayer, Chairs)
(Kristal Lane, Chair)
(Stacy Mayeda-Lin/Sam Atallah, Co-Chairs)
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