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Be a Super Stang

Don’t just be a Meadows Mustang, be a SUPER STANG!

Great schools, updated technology and curriculum, labs, libraries, music, and art would all not be a reality in Manhattan Beach without all of our families doing their part. As the state’s support for education continues to diminish, it is even more important that we ban together to keep our schools strong.

There are so many ways to get involved at Meadows. Please take a few minutes to make sure that you are doing at least the following things to become a Super Stang family. We cannot afford to leave it to someone else to make these things happen. It takes each one of us doing our share!

Be a “Super Stang” family by completing the following:

  • Join the PTA today! Membership forms are available here.
  • Get involved at Meadows. Fill out a Volunteer Form here or print one and turn it in to the front office or your child's teacher. No matter what your schedule; there is something for everyone to do! Parent involvement is what makes Meadows great!
  • Make your MBEF Pledge. MBEF and PTA work hand in hand to make sure we are able to fund teachers, specialists, programs and supplies.