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Room Parent Corner

Working with the Teachers

  • Every teacher and every grade operates a little differently. Plan a meeting with your teacher to go over the schedule for the year, expectations of the room parent and to discuss holiday events and class parties. Also, if you know who was room parent for your teacher last year, touch base with that person and get a quick overview.
  • Get permission from the parents to use their emails to communicate with them as a group. The best way to do this is to have the teacher email parents and ask for permission to share their email with the room parents.
    • It is important to hide email addresses when sending messages or use the ‘bcc’ function on your email. We want to respect everyone’s privacy and not abuse this easy form of communication.

Classroom Parties and Events

  • Most teachers look to their room parents to help plan and facilitate class parties and activities. How this is done varies greatly from class to class. Some grades plan together and some classes operate completely independently. Keep in mind the Wellness Policy when planning your celebrations throughout the year and pay close attention to allergies in the class. You must inform parents in advance if you are going to be offering food to students.
  • PTA has budgeted money per class ($175 for K-3rd and $200 for 4th – 5th) to be used on class parties and activities. Please do not ask parents for any additional money to cover these special events. The PTA money may be used to pay for art projects, games and/or food. It is up to the room parent and teacher to decide how to spend that money. The room parent is to submit receipts to be reimbursed by PTA. In addition to this money, you may ask parents to donate supplies or other items, but please do not request any more money for these events.
  • You must follow the MBUSD Wellness Policy when planning class parties. It is a district policy that we do not reward or punish with food. For example, parties that are rewards for good behavior cannot be things like a “make your own sundae party.” The Wellness Policy states that, “There is only to be one “treat” like food per party, and classes are limited to one celebration per month that involves food during the school day. Schools are to encourage the use of non-food items for parties, or to use compliant foods or beverages at parties.”

The Room Parent as the PTA Representative

  • The room parent is a volunteer position for the PTA. As the room parent, you are the pipeline from the PTA and the Administration to the greater Meadows community. YOU are the spokespeople championing the PTA efforts at the school. We try to be as streamlined as possible and make it very easy for you to pass on information.
  • Any information that will be passed on to room parents must go through Cynthia Hedges, VP of Communications. If there is important information that needs to be shared with your classes, it will come in an easily forwarded message after it has been approved. Throughout the MBEF drive, you will also be receiving information to be forwarded to parents from the MBEF Chairs, Anne Stuart and Yvonne Riethmiller. Please do not forward any other information that comes to you from other sources and please remember that you are not permitted to use the contact information for anything other than school business.
  • If you or any other parents would like to volunteer for PTA events and fundraisers, please email JJ Corr and/or Stephanie Molter, Volunteer Co-Coordinators at

Teacher Gifts

  • Two times a year (holidays and end of the year), every family will be given a form that lists all the teachers and staff in the school. Families will be able to contribute any amount of money to ANY person's gift. All of the contributions will be tallied and the teachers/staff will get a total lump sum Scrip gift certificate. Their certificate will tell you which families contributed to the gift but a each individual amount will not be included. Of course, people are still free to give personalized gifts. Again, please do not collect money from parents for teacher gifts.

Getting Reimbursed by PTA

  • PTA will reimburse room parents for expenses toward classroom parties and activities up to $175 (K-3rd) or $200 (4th – 5th) per class. Reimbursement forms can be found in the Meadows office workroom in the treasurer/financial secretary file drawer or on the Meadows website. Please be sure to write the class and teacher name and indicate who the check should be payable to.

Grade Level Fundraisers

This year we are encouraging grade level fundraisers as a way to build community and rapport at each grade level while bolstering PTA revenues. The PTA Board has a set number of fundraisers that are put on each year but there are more events/ideas than we currently have the manpower to manage. Last year’s very successful grade level fundraisers included:

  • Comedy and Magic Club
  • Bake Sales
  • Ice Skating
  • Year Book Signing and Food Truck Night

For additional information or ideas, please contact Kristal Lane or Katie Driscollt, Fundraising Chairs

Have Fun!!!

The kids love the fun events planned by the room parents, and the teachers are so appreciative of all our help. Volunteers are what make this school so great. We want you to enjoy what you are doing and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Thank you so much for volunteering your time this year!!