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A Musical March for Makerspace!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 8:30am to Friday, March 31, 2017 - 3:00pm
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Making Hula Hoops: Want to learn how to make your own hula hoop, accessorized with lights? Meadows parent volunteer and engineer Kate McPherson will be teaching this class starting Wednesday, March 22nd (possibly also March 29th).
Robotics: Members of the award-winning MCHS Robotics Club will be coming to teach classes on programming a microcontroller (Arduino). If your child is interesting in coding and/or robots, this is a great opportunity. Plan are in the works for April and/or May. It will likely be 4 classes after school,
45-60 minutes, with future classes based on demand. You can make a note in the sign up if there are certain days that work better for your child.
Your child can sign up for these classes in the Makerspace STEAM room after school Wednesday or Thursday this week! Spaces limited, but we will open future classes based on popularity.

Please remember that STEAM room participants must be supervised by an adult.
Please refrain from dropping off students in the STEAM rooms without making arrangements for an adult to supervise them aside from the parents supervising the Makerspace challenge.

Find out the schedule and many more Makerspace FAQs here!!!! 

Makerspace is primarily run by parents volunteers. Join in the fun as a STEAM Room volunteer here! No experience required. Only enthusiasm!

For additional questions about Makerspace, please contact Kimberly Rosenfeld or Elizabeth Hiatt.