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What are Mustang Socials?

What are Mustang Socials?

Looking for a social event to attend or want to plan one?  Check out Mustang Socials!  We offer a variety of great fundraising social events throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to attend or host these wonderful events! All the money raised from the social events go directly to support our PTA.  Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know your classmates and their families better!  Click READ MORE for more info.

How Does It Work?


  • To see a list of all social events go to: Mustang Socials Catalog
  • Select social events to attend 
  • Purchase social event tickets (via PayPal online)


  • Sign up to host or co-host with friends to create your own special event.  Mustang Socials will help you coordinate and promote your event as much as possible. 
  • You may host a social event anywhere (your home, at a park, in a restaurant or any space that’s fun)! 
  • Social events are not limited to literally a “party.”  Mustang Socials are open to any and all social events such as family day events, sporting events, grade specific fundraisers, and more! 
  • To host a social event, press: HOST          

Go to the Mustang Socials Catalog and read through the descriptions of the Adult Parties and the Kids & Family Parties to familiarize you with all that will be happening throughout this school year.

Socials will be updated throughout the school year so be sure to check-in at least once a month! For more information or questions, please contact Miho Manabe at