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Disaster Emergency Plan

In the event of a disaster, please follow the guidelines below:


  • School is the safest place for students during an emergency. Our modernized buildings meet stringent public safety codes.
  • Primary role of school – to care for the safety and welfare of the children.
  • School personnel are trained to follow procedures, give instruction and guidance to students, and are required by law to remain on duty during an emergency. School personnel and students practice fire, earthquake and lockdown drills monthly.


  • Ensure your personal safety first. Children will be cared for until your arrival.
  • Remember: the need for safety outweighs the need for speed.
  • Prepare to arrive calm, patient, and ready to follow school personnel directions. Encourage other parents to do the same.
  • If possible, walk to school. Streets may be clogged with emergency vehicles.
  • Leave a note at home indicating when you left and where you went. Others may be looking for you.
  • Do not call the school. Phone lines will be used by emergency personnel only and must remain open at all times. MBUSD emergency number is (310) 318-7345 x5903.
  • Check your email, text messages and voice mail. The principal will contact all parents at these information points through School Messenger.



  • Campus will be closed and parents will be expected to wait until ALL students are accounted for and authorized personnel begin the Student Release Process.
  • Students will be signed out in an orderly manner. Removing students from campus without signing out will hamper efforts to account for everyone’s safety.
  • Students will be evacuated to the assembly area by class. The assembly area is located on the upper playground. Classroom Teachers will release students to persons listed on the Meadows Emergency Card.
  • Parents/Emergency designee will be required to sign release form, and present I.D.


  • Driver’s license or photo identification
  • Medical identification/information

Off-Site Evacuation

  • Signs will be posted to indicate the location where students are.
    Polliwog Park, as needed
    Other, as needed

Classroom and Site Provisions

  • Meadows Plan/Procedures Binder/Safety Clipboard in each classroom and common areas.
  • Evacuation Map
  • Classroom Emergency backpack supplies
  • Individual student zip-lock emergency supplies assembled at home, stored at school
  • Site emergency bin (water, stretchers, tools, first aid kit)

MBUSD Parent Information: (310)318-7345 x 5903
(Updated Parent Messages pertaining to emergency)

Radio Information: KNX 1070 AM, KFWB 980 AM