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Wellness Program

Meadows is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program, an initiative that is helping us make our school a healthier place. Creating a healthy school for our scholars is important because we know that healthy scholars are better learners.

Last year Meadows formed a joint School Site Council and Wellness Council. It is made up of students, teachers, and parents, two of whom will be named after the results tabulation from our recent election. The Council reviews the Meadows School Local Control Accountability Plan to support student achievement, helps implement the Healthy School Plan, in partnership with Beach Cities Health District, and discusses ways to assess general school programs. Our 2015-2016 Council will be announced as soon as our recent election results are tabulated. 

One of our Wellness Goals from our school plan is to increase the availability of physical activity breaks in the classroom. Teachers received Brain Break resources from our BCHD partners, and are encouraged to use them in their classrooms, along with MindUp. Many teachers report that students love the breaks and that Go Noodle is a kid favorite. Check out the free Go Noodle website and get moving and grooving with your Mustang at home!

Another one of Meadows goals is to make sure that all room parties and writing celebrations incorporate non-food rewards. Discussion were held this year and last at a PTA general meeting and board meeting, a staff meeting, and a Room Parent meeting. The groups discussed:
• Simplifying
• Using non-food rewards such as tickets, SKORR cards, “treasure box”
• Reducing the “junk” foods and focusing on “giving back”; particularly at celebrations around the holiday season
• Abiding by the MBUSD Wellness Policy; we spent time focusing on the sections related to snacks celebrations, and rewards.
• Changing the celebrations for the end of the year to mostly activities and non-food rewards (e.g. beach trip, park day, etc.).

We are well on our way to becoming a healthier school community. The Wellness Council looks forward to sharing healthy tips for you and your Mustang(s) all year long!

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